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Our story began way back in 1985.

After many years’ experience in various fields, including engineering, tourism and sport sectors, I opened the Cervellini & Partners Communication Agency.

How things have changed since then! We started out writing our first Press releases on an Olivetti typewriter to go on, just two years later, to purchasing our very first computers. Time really does fly!

As the years go on, Press Office management has become increasingly technological, almost to the detriment of personal relationships.

And the people behind Cervellini? Some of them are still with us today, while others, who were once Press release writers, copy-editors and colleagues, have gone on to become Directors of national Newspapers. Life goes on and things change, but it’s always nice to catch up over a coffee and reminisce about the good old days; talk about the experiences we have shared, all those memories that have led us to where we are today…

Event organisation and managing Press Relations are our primary activities, and we’ve always done it by keeping up-to-date with the very latest communication trends, but without ever losing sight of that all-important human factor.

It’s wonderful to be able to say: “They’ve been our Client for more than 10 years”. This means that we’ve never been just a mere supplier: we’ve been considered a part, however big or small, of our Client’s Company.